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CeleX™ Chipset

We offer integrated sensory platforms that incorporate various components and technologies, including a processing chipset and an image sensor. CeleX™ Chipset is a hardware implemented video analytics system, which perceives stream of pixels from the sensor and conveys value-added signal processing. The resulting system will be a software-hardware co-processing platform, enabling high speed implementation of video analytic tasks such as optical flow and convolution. The platform features standard interface to existing vision systems. It overcomes the over demanding computing power requirement of the existing vision based systems which are difficult to be realized in mobile computing platforms.

CeleX™ Sensor

We develop an imager architecture that allows pixel-parallel image processing at the focal plane and event-driven readout. Each pixel in our sensor can individually monitor the slope of change in light intensity and report an event if a threshold is reached. Row and column arbitration circuits process the pixel events and make sure only one is granted to access the output port at a time in a fairly ordered manner when they receive multiple requests simultaneously. The response time to the pixel event is at nanosecond scale. As such, the sensor can be tuned to capture motion objects with speed faster than a certain threshold. The speed of the sensor is not limited by any traditional concept such as exposure time, frame rate, etc. It can detect fast motion which is traditionally captured by expensive, high speed cameras running at tens of thousands frames per second and at the same time produces 1000x less of data.